Roy Eldridge

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And while there have been some amazing jazz players, and bands over the past couple of decades, their aging audience is disappearing quickly. There IS good jazz out there – it just needs to reach the people.

What a good number of jazz players and jazz listeners also seem to have forgotten over these past years, is the fact that this music is supposed to be fun. Although an extremely complex art form, jazz folks should not take themselves too seriously. The player should have a great time playing this music, and the listener should have fun listening.

Unfortunately there have been more downs than ups recently in the jazz world, so shout outs to those jazz folks still putting out good music and good vibes. We are here to back to you up, and coming with the Sex Drugs and Jazz series to woo people back. Jazz is alive and kicking in its many forms, and we hope to create a new generation of jazz fans with this project.