At its heart, Sex Drugs and Jazz is all about the music. Good music is timeless, and lives on forever when done right. Jazz is this type of music. Even after the thousandth listen to Louis Armstrong’s West End Blues or Dizzy Gillespie’s, Sonny Rollins, and Sonny Stitts’ Sunny Side of the Street, something new and ingenious will be revealed with each listen.

The accompanying soundtrack to the first season of Sex Drugs and Jazz hopes to present original music that will stand the test of time. No matter what sub genre you hear on the soundtrack, jazz has left its imprint on all of the tunes. You will hear the roots, influence, and inspiration from blues and jazz - still now, and forever one of America’s greatest legacies.

The soundtrack combines several genres and is heavily influenced by the gypsy jazz manouche style. Our main man Neptune is a gifted gypsy guitar player, and the soundtrack reflects the hot jazz style. Started by the godfather of gypsy jazz Django Rieindhardt, gypsy jazz is a mix of European gypsy music, and American jazz, and is unmistakable when you hear it.

We hope enjoy the soundtrack. You can download a single song, or the full album. Hear some of the hottest bands coming out of San Francisco, and New York. There are tunes for everyone and their mother. Reggae, blues, jazz, gypsy jazz, funk and hip hop.

Keep an eye out for new Sex Drugs and Jazz music.

Listen, download, and enjoy. And please support musicians and live music!

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Ramzi khoury, Ashley Springer AM studios 31st st Manhattan

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